Next Steps

Halfway House

If you would like to be a resident at New Day, this is how it works.
You would book a free assessment with qualified staff member. This will not only assess your suitability for the house, but also to assess recovery needs and establish possible goals.

Once you have been admitted, each resident will meet with the social worker for a bio-psycho-social in order to be able to establish a recovery plan which will be reviewed with the social worker monthly.
You are required to attend 3 meetings a week for your first month, thereafter 2 meetings a week. You are required to have a sponsor as well as to do step work.

Curfews are put in place to create structure which supports safety. Regular random urine testing also supports a safe environment.

Outpatient Program

Much like the residential process, you would book for a free assessment to determine your suitability for the outpatient program.
Once admitted, the program runs Monday to Friday, 16:00-18:00. The program runs for 4 weeks. You are expected to participate every day, and if life on life’s term’s happen, you are expected to give prior notice, but no more than 3 consecutive days should be missed.

For the Family

Addiction is a family disease and therefore it is of great importance for family members to get involved. Having a relationship with an addict, whether it be that they are your child, your partner, your parent or just a friend can leave one with traumatic experiences, and to best support your loved is to also get support yourself.