5 Reasons Why a Halfway House is Beneficial

#1 Encourages Accountability
Halfway houses offer a structured environment with guidelines. These guidelines are there to teach responsible living. For substance abusers, the simplest tasks are sometimes the hardest. Being accountable to these tasks teaches responsibility.

#2 Safety – Sober Environment
The only person you can change is yourself. Living in society exposes you to substances and alcohol. Living in a halfway house offers safety as halfway houses have a zero tolerance for the abuse of substances and clients are randomly and regularly tested to ensure safety.

# 3 Support
Living in a halfway house offers an opportunity to meet new associations and be part of a recovery community. This recovery community provides belonging, understanding and support in recovery. Not everyone has a support network at home, so this environment provides that support network. A halfway house provides an environment where like-minded people can share and grow within their recoveries.

#4 Teaches Independence
A halfway house promote personal responsibility and offer support in this journey of gaining independence. This new found independence assists in integrating successfully back into society.

#5 Tolerance
You don’t have to like everyone, but having tolerance, decency and respect is invaluable. A halfway house provides the opportunity to learn compromise while learning to manage the need to people please. This environment also teaches the importance of boundaries and provides support in setting up these boundaries. This can assist to function in the working environment as well.